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Playing online games with friends on iPhone or iPad (iOS 10)

It is possibile to play cards online with a friend using an iPhone or an iPad
If you want to play to one of my cards games online read this page!

follow those steps:
  • start your card game app while you have a good internet connection   (your iPad or iPhone must be online over a Wifi or Mobile network)
  • wait for the Game Center welcome message on the top of your screen (if you do not receive this message check your Game Center settings in the Settings app)
  • start an online game by pressing the corresponding button (you can start both a Single or a Score online game)
  • the Game Center shows you a panel to start online games
  • on the top right of the screen you see the number of players, if you like you can change it (usually it is easier to find opponents by playing online games with two players only)
  • to invite your friends press the "Invite Friends" button
  • an invite message is shown on the screen
  • now you have to choose who you want to invite
  • by pressing the + button (the plus button on the top right of the screen) a player selector will be shown, there are three possible lists of  players you can invite:
    • "Contacts" : a list of contacts present in your Contacts app 
    • "Recents": a list of players you played with recently
    • "Nearby" : a list of players currently on your same Wifi network and connected to Game Center (to see them everybody need to activate this mode in the Settings app -> Game Center by activating the corresponding setting "Nearby Players",  and the game must be installed and opened on every player device)
  • select from one of the lists the players you want to invite an proceed 
  • now the invite message is ready,  just send it
  • your friends will receive the invite:
    • it will appear on the top of their screen
    • by touching it they will accept  it
    • (if they do not have the game installed they will be redirected to the App Store app where they will be able to proceed by installing the game)
    • (if they do not receive the invite they have to check their notification settings in the Settings app, and check their network connection)
  • if all your friends will accept the game  the online game will start
(the following images are in Italian, my language, but i think they are enough to  give an idea)

Start of online game

by pressing the  "4 giocatori" button (on top right)
you can change the number of players (in italian giocatori)

then, once the number of players is set, press the Invite Friends button
the invite message is shown, you have to send it to your invitees

by pressing the + button (on the top right of the screen)
you will have three lists from which you can choose players to invite


additional notes:

those instructions are valid for Apple devices (iPhone/iPad) using iOS 10, in the past with iOS9 things seemed simpler, but from iOS 10 Apple changed the rules

Apple On iOS 10:
- removed the Game Center app
- does not provide anymore an option to invite people to be friends and invite them, now you have to used the new Invite lists (from your contacts, recently players and nearby players)

My main language is Italian, so if you have annotations about my post please tell me and I'll fix it.
thank you

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